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Haverford College
Department of Biology

Alumni - We like to hear from you!

Haverford Biology Alumni,

We would be pleased if you would share with us (and our students, and anyone else who browses to this section of our web site) a short autobiographical career sketch for our Alumni Biographies web page. Please fill out sections 1 and 2 if you wish to contribute to our web site.

Even if you don't wish to have a public posting, Biology faculty members enjoy hearing from our former students (as well as from Haverford alumni who pre-dated us). If you wish, you may complete sections 1 and 3 on this page to let us know where your career and personal life paths have taken you after Haverford (or simply to say hi!).

Department of Biology Alumni Form

Department of Biology Alumni Form

  • Section 1: Contact Information

  • (The email address will NOT be included in the posted web page, but is needed by the webmaster to confirm your posting).

  • (If you include a web page address the URL will be included as a link under your name)

  • Section 2: Autobiographical Career Sketch

  • Used for Web Posting.
    If you have a short autobiographical career sketch that you are willing to have posted on our Alumni Biographies web page, please share it in the box

  • Section 3: Private Message.

    Use the space below to send a message to current faculty members of the Biology Department (will NOT be included in the web site).